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Chris Styles:Journal (1)

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on July 27 2011










If you live in Denver you know that ikea is opening up. I heard they were giving out like free couches or something to the first people that come in. Unfortunately I'm not a camper-outer anymore. The last time I did that was when I was crazy into shoes and camped out at the Shoe Extreme at the Westminster Mall. 

Im going up to Golden today on a hike in attempt to get my mind off some of the stresses of being a entrepreneur. The ups and downs and what not. As long as I have my IPHONE I still will be working theres a app for everything I swear. You also have places like Elance that you can get jobs done all over the world while on vaca or whatever.

Currently in Colorado which is still wild  to me seeing as my family is almost all gone. Something keeps bringing me back though? Have no idea but I'm here. Birthday coming up soon (Aug 6th) haha ill be working as usual. So nothing special just the thug shit like usual. 

Friend/Business Partner going out to NY to kick it with his girl so he's going to be gone for a bit out there. Im going to probably give him some shirts for idolize ( so he can take some sick photo's out there for me.


-Chris Styles





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