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Live Life - Have Fun

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on September 11 2012

Working with the large groups of entrepreneurs, rappers and other artists. I find that in most cases they are so focused on what their doing at the time that they never take a second to relax and see all of their accomplishments. My self at the age of 23 (Aug 6) have been working hard on my first passion music...that morphed into photography.....that morphed promotion and event planning...that morphed into the whole idolize movement. This has caused me to work work work and have no time to sit back and look at my accomplishments. Don't do as I! It's taken me years to realize that it's ok to come out of the shell and actually have fun and be a regular 23 year old.

So this goes to everyone chasing a dream or trying to accomplish a goal. Be patient and don't lose yourself in it.

It will come :)

-Chris Styles of Idolize Clothing




  • Success is when perpetration meets opertunity

    Posted by Ms.Medley | September 11, 2012
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