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Idolize Presents: Pharoahs and Kings (Fall 2012)

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on September 20 2012



Here at Idolize I've always to pride in simplicity. I get lots of people asking me for more graphics and characters on the shirts or in the clothing line. In the future this could be a option but as of now I'm not looking to over power the members of the movement with to many distractions. The focus has always been creativity and innovation not colors and little teddy bears throwing up gang signs graphics.


-Idolize is a simple premium enhancement to your already effective creativity and execution. 


That being said I proud to present you with the P and K release for Fall 2012.

The concept behind the Gold comes from the way Egyptians believed that gold was a divine and indestructible metal associated with the sun. The Pharaoh was called "the Golden Horus", and the skin of gods was believed to be golden. This goes directly into the whole movement at Idolize. We believe that everyone has a inner golden god inside themselves thats dying to be released!



-Chris Styles of Idolize



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