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Written by idolizethemind


Posted on December 12 2012

When you first think of legendary there could be a few questions that pop up. There is almost a legend in everything we enjoy somehow. From sports, clothing, music, artwork, dance and so on. These heroic people have done things to where we are in amazement. People always say "I want to be the best ever" it is difficult to determined what or who is the best. Everyone is different, not everyone looks at great as the next person does.

A legend is one who inspires, one that lets millions of people know it can be done, what ever it is they want to do. " It is not what you've done, but the obstacles you've overcome" - Lytes Edison. Take a look at Muhammad Ali, he really felt he was the best of his time. So he fought the best in his generation. Yes he took a few losses on the way so what who doesn't? When the question who is the best boxer of all time comes up, Muhammad Ali is the answer majority of the time. When one person can impact the whole entire world that's becoming legendary. There are a lot of people who are great, the legends are the ones people remember when they are no longer here.

You have a choice in this world, you can be a nobody or a somebody, p.s. no one remembers the nobody.

- Edison



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