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Stress Less

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on January 06 2013

Stress can actually cause diseases, and possibly death. Majority of the time the stress you have is put on your self not another person. Think about it, we don't like our jobs we stress how we have to go to work. We all have bills we stress about our job not paying us what we feel we deserve. A zebra in the wild has to worry about losing their life to a lion everyday, and still don't stress as much as we do. Until we are in a life and death situation we shouldn't stress at all.

This one barrier effects more than most think. It can cause a lot of sleepless nights, and even memory loss. Doing things you like to do more often can reduce the level of stress and improve your happiness and health.

You can sit around and stress to death, or you can change your outlook on life and become happier and healthier. There are people in this world who barely get eat, and they are happier than people who have everything.




  • Stressing is so easy to do, at times we don’t even know we’re doing it to ourselves. But having a good attitude and a positive outlook on things does help reduce stress levels.
    I think you should put up 5 key ways to help reduce stress that you can do when starting to feel stressed out.

    Posted by SaVanna Chavez | January 06, 2013
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