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Tiffany Degru @ The Scoop Denver Interviews Chris Styles (Part 2)

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on July 17 2011

Tiffany Degru: So I hear your in CO for the summer working on the launch of the clothing line. Are their any obstacles your coming across while in the Mile High City?

Chris Styles: It's been very hard to find the locations to shoot for the clothing line as well as the models. We have a certain focus and view that we have so we have to be very care with who or what we use to execute this.


Tiffany Degru: You talk about the young entrepreneur and the movement etc, but looking at some of your designs I'm seeing only men's clothing? Will you be doing anything for the business women/entrepreneurs?

Chris Styles: (Laughs) good one! I get asked this question 17million times a day. Yes! Were working on a line for women that will be starting mid next year. Women are so much harder to satisfy when it comes to fashion! Like everything else it takes time and is more critical so were being very critical with this one. I have a few designers in NY that are ready to rock and roll as well as a few in LA. Just be ready, oh the name is called "Envi" be ready ladies.

Tiffany Degru: It seems like your always experimenting and shooting. Do you guys pay for these extensive shoots or is this like a side job?

Chris Styles: Well my friend and I own IDS Photography together so we have equipment as well as a studio and various locations. Shout out to Alain Camporiva (Business Partner). So that alone gives us the freedom to shoot everyday or at 2am or whatever.

Tiffany Degru: Well looks like those are all the questions I have, Thank you for your time I know your crazy busy. Were looking to hear more about your ventures as well as IDOLIZE.

Chris Styles: Thank you for having me! Anytime you guys need a interview let me know! Or some gear or photos (laughing)



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