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Why Do we Do It?

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on September 17 2011


By: Lytes Out

            There are six billion people on Earth and everyone is different and has their own reason for doing things. Here at Idolize our strong-minded team of young entrepreneurs all have group as well as personal goals. That alone gives us leverage, we all love what we do, from the Founder/Owner-Chris Styles, all the way down to the models. Plus everyone in between those positions, not putting anyone above another by the title of our position. The passion of making nothing into something drives us all as a team. If you don't love what you do, I suggest that you find something you do love and do it to the best of your ability. It will make you so much happier with your self, yes success starts with self happiness. If you cannot make your self happy how can you make the next person happy let alone a whole new generation. I cannot speak for everyone exactly but I do know that everyone I work with has some if not more or better traits than myself , some of those are very easy to notice. At the end of each day I ask myself, did I do anything to get closer to my goals. Half the time I don't even realize that I am doing it simply because I love what I do. Of course there are critics, nay sayers, non-believers but so what they are everywhere, who are they to say what we are capable of doing? Have you noticed that the ones that tell us that we cant or not good enough aren't doing anything themselves? Think about that, let that sink in for a second or two. As I end this blog today I am going to leave you with one question, why do you do what you do?



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