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Written by idolizethemind


Posted on October 09 2011

As young entrepreneurs in the progress of changing the future of our next generation we must stay focused on our ultimate goal. In despite of the accolades we might acquire on our journey to the top, being complacent is never a word in our vocabulary, nor mind-set. Knowing your profession inside and out is extremely important to any aspect of any career, rather its sports, entertainment, or even starting your own business. If you don’t know something about things you’re passionate about, simply find out do the research and or find someone that is an expert in your field of interest to share and correctly demonstrate their knowledge. A lot of people are fearful that they will not be successful, I’m here to tell you it should not matter what others think if you truly love what you do period. Just so you know there are critics, nay Sayers, people who doubt the ability of our young generation daily. Will you let that stop you or keep taking steps toward your goals?




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