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Idolize the Movement: SoleSwap :: Pat & Annie

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on July 01 2012



Saturday June 30th the (Sneakerhead) scene of Denver was completely altered. Hosted by a few friends of mine Jazz and Christina. The Sole swap by Pat & Annie came to town. This is where all the serious CO (and surrounding area) sneakerheads could come and  display the finest heat your collection has to offer. You could purchase a Display Table for your chance to win the Pat & Annie SoleCase Award Trophy basically showing everyone your the biggest sneaker head. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be involved in this one (even though my sneaker game is the best in the US) I saw the turn out as well as the amazing photo's off all the crazy kicks at the event. Shout out to Jazz for making something EPIC!! Looking forward to seeing more for you and the whole Pat & Annie team!!


:Here are some of the pics from the event!!! ENJOY


-Chris Styles of Idolize Clothing



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