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Forget "Get Rich Quick" And Work On Getting Rich Slow

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on August 08 2012

Don’t be impatient. You might look around and see some of your friends driving nice cars, going on big vacations and buying good tickets to all the best sporting events. Chances are they’re digging themselves into debt doing so (or they’re doing it all on mommy and daddy’s dime). 

Most of us have to earn it. We have to pay our dues and save our pennies. The most valuable thing a young person can get from an employer isn’t the paycheck, it’s the experience. So take advantage of all the opportunities your employer offers. Volunteer for projects even if you won’t be directly compensated for them. If your employer will pay for you to take classes or earn professional designations, then jump on that as well. It’s not the sexiest or quickest way to get rich, but the odds are so much more in your favor than playing the lottery.



-Nick Kennedy of Ask Men



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