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Your Personality Your Wardrobe

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on October 01 2012

Your wardrobe is an extension of your personality, if you're not the type to jump out of a window than your attire will state that. You are what you wear, you get what you pay for it is that simple.  This has to do with being comfortable in your own skin. Wear what you like. People ask me what do I wear? " I wear what I want period" if its hot to me than its hot.

Having an open mind is a necessity in fashion. Things change fast and frequent staying on top of the new fashion has to be natural to you. I wear lots of Idolize tops because it gives me the freedom to be myself. I can dress up a shirt  and throw a nice jacket over it when going to dinner, or maybe a t-shirt while working on music, sometimes even a nice sweat shirt when it gets a little breezy out side. You can always add a little swagger to your outfit with accessories.  No matter what others say at the end of the day be yourself !




  • Luv this it is a statement and an extension of how you are as an individual which is one of the many blessing in life …….Good Job

    Posted by Chyanna Lang | October 01, 2012
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