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Music Icons

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on October 02 2012

Music is played everyday throughout the United States; rather it is in a bar, a music studio, a car, or even for personal use. When I think of music the first thing that comes to mind are the pioneers of this art. I'm not just talking about the genre of rap I mean music as a whole. There is such a wide range of good music out there I get happy just thinking about it.  Billie Holiday was such a great musician.

As a Jazz singer and songwriter with seminal influence on her culture really made a difference in music. Her vocal style, strongly inspired by jazz instrumentals pioneered a new way of manipulating phrases and tempo. You think of country music you might think of Garth Brooks first. A jack of all trades, he plays the guitar, the piano, saxophone, harmonica, as well is a vocalist.

Michael Jackson the king of pop. His sound, style, appearance, the way he dances, and ability to story tell is one of one. Run DMC wow, they are really a group that has changed music dramatically. Their attitudes and ora was so different you couldn't help but to accept it. Elvis Presley the icon of rock and roll. He played the piano and has been in various genres of music; blues, r&b, country, pop, and gospel.  R&B music Mogul Mary J Blige created her own lane in the music industry as well. With eight multi platinum records Mary has been very successful. She is the only artist to win a Grammy award in  pop, rap, gospel and r&b.

These are only a few musicians that have impacted the music culture. If i took time to write about them all this would become more of a book than a blog. Now we have so many new artist Beyoncé, Jay-z, Wiz khalifa, 2 chains,  J-cole, Kanye west, Taylor swift, just to name a few. They have all been inspired by others in their genre that have become great before them.

The pioneers have set an example, and opened a door for new artist to go into and express themselves in their very own unique way. Where will our music culture go from here?




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