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Step It Up

Written by idolizethemind


Posted on January 03 2013

Step up or get left

When you are at the bottom you look up. That perception tends to go the opposite way the more you progress. People we see as successful find ways to develop everyday they are living. They have no problem with stepping up what so ever. It is almost the same as breathing to them.

What you do on your free time is what will set you free. I've noticed that people who procrastinate have difficulties taking the steps they need to enhance their lifestyle. "Why wait until tomorrow, for something you can do today" - Lytes Edison. The more you advance the more there will be people to try to slow your  stride, to the highly skilled this becomes fuel to keep going.  The successful ones, find a way to get to the top no matter what. The ones who make excuses and procrastinate are the ones at the bottom and are usually  miserable.




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